Transient Thoughts

   When do you find yourself most creative?  In the morning? Afternoon? Sitting still?  What I've come to realize about myself, is I seem to think of lyrics, poems or any other type of word engineering while I'm in motion.  For instance,  I first discovered this sitting next to the window in a plane.  I wrote this simple poem in seconds;  Above this sea of clouds I fly/ To gaze and wonder at the sky/ Mountains, rivers and countryside/ All God's children do reside.

My point is this;  Why do these thoughts arise while in motion?  If I were to sit down and try to write something creative, I can't.   If anyone else shares this experience, I'd be happy to examine as to why?  Anyway,  now I keep a notebook in my car, scurrying to write down what comes to mind.  Strange but true. Peace & Love.

Ambivilent Ambivilent
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4 Responses Feb 17, 2010

you're very much welcome, Marc.

Nice! Thank you for your thoughts and a great poem.........Marc

your emotion is being affected by the things which are currently present around you....I remember when I was in a church and I saw the sunrays peeping through the windows..suddenly my thoughts dwell on the effect of sunrise and sundown to my life.<br />
sunrise welcomes a new tomorrow<br />
sundown ends a day of sorrow<br />
tonight I wont cry on my pillow<br />
because the next morning <br />
is another time to borrow<br />
for me to be happy and be glad<br />
forgetting everything that make me sad.

Maybe you have a point there? Why not? There are many things that affect thoughts. I know when I used to work-out with weights, afterwards I seemed to think much more clearly. Just sharper, like ya say.