I struggle not to be jealous of people who easily speak up and get people attention. And I am living with one, actually.
I just had a dinner with some friends at my place (I invited them) and I had to invite my housemate for dinner too just so I do not seem to try to exclude her from the house or from my social life. It was not the first time anyway, my housemate is more easy going and social than me, and my friends ended up more interested to talk to her rather than to me.
It must be my personality as well because since I was small I never had many friends. I was better at one-on-one interaction rather than in big group. Somehow in a big group I tend to be quiet, just like a wallpaper, unnoticed.
I am just feeling really sad now :(
uggh uggh
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We are just who we are while all being different while at the same time having similarities. In my whole life I just as you have never been much to socialize, but tend to remain quiet and to myself; and with age and the direction of my mind in spiritual ways, what everyone talks about I just have no interest in anyway. I would think that just you being such a kind person would have many friends. Whatever the cause matters not because I like you very much and think highly of you just being the person you are as above many others, so please never feel sad.

Be more confident and outgoing.... just learn to flow and go along with any topic that propped up..... More importantly, smile ...;)

It is somehow hard when we have different culture, different things we like....hmm

sometimes we feel so confused and it annoyed us?

Hmm? I was not confused, but definitely was not in a good mood. I would never be able to change though, I am just not a very outgoing person.

ahh its ok some women do that and yeah i think a woman who love to stay at home is really cool?are you working in the hospital?

Yes, they rotate me to aged care sometimes, but mostly I work in the hospital.

where are you working right now?

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You never know what change may lie ahead - it might not always be this way.

Thank you, you are right. Sometimes we get good surprises.

We do indeed.