Im Not Human

my name is laura and im a vampire the real thing it all started went i was born i was born on 10 of feb 1767 back then meaning of science was things being mutated

i went to one of their fairs and i couldnt believe my eyes their was all types for things here i couldnt believe any of these animals/people are mutant until the day i went to this room of mutated animals and i saw all kinds their was one that i liked it was a bat it was brown and had ripped up wings it must of happen while they were trying to catch it

i petted it and it bit me on the wrist it hurt like hell :( then i started felling dizzy and i hit the floor like rocks i woken up and their was alot of ppl standing around me and they were looking at me funny i got freaked out and got up and ran then i saw myself and my eyes were black with a golden layer then i open my mouth abit and i notices two of my teeth were larger then usual

back then i didnt no what i was but i found out along the way i want to kill my self so i cut my wrist with broken glass and after cutting myself i saw in amazement that my writs jus healed by itself 0.0 then i though about if i had powers or not i now knew i could heal but i wondered what else i could do

after a few years i discovery a few abilities i noticed in complete darkness i can see perfectly like it was in daylight i found out my super speed agility and strength along the way it now 2013 i was born in 1767 so i no im immortal im 245yrs old now and still look like a teen to be honest i hate this life watch everyone grow up and live normal lifes while im stuck like this i watch friends and family grow old and died while i live on and on with no age limit or body change i may have cool abilities i may be able to do things others cant but it not worth it :(
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Text me

Why dont we meet at whitehouse TN.In private so no one sees what we are.

Vampire 80 send me a pic clearly showing your teeth so i can see if youre like me

U have to be very smart to able to of stain hidden for this long but why did U choose now to revel your secret

we thought we could trust people in this time to keep a secret

Good answer

Is the bat still alive?

idk why

I was wondering if you gained the powers of the bat or something?

im like you. Im hiding as well i was born when you were.were the same type of beings.

I was bit and it hurt like a ***** too.

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I want it I hate my life

I wish I can join u

this is so cool! have you ever found someone with the same situation as yours?

no :( most of my kind are mean

so where do you live now?
I didn't mean anything bad, I just want to ask. Did u also drink blood?
I hope I didn't offend you >

yeah i did but mostly animals i dont like hurting ppl

I once read novel about vampire.
Whenever she stared at flowers too long, it will shriveled and died.
Yeah, I also wish I can join you :D

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Is this true? Are you really a vampire?

sadly yes

same with me similar story

Did u have babies ??

no :/ why

Ae vampires infertile

Oh my !! Haha amazing story !!!

it a true personal story not made up :( thanks tho

Umm !! Okaiii !!

look at my profile pic and u can see my teeth if u look closely :/

Yeah I do see !!


Really What ?

Oh !!

Loser !!!

Why did he post on my comment -_____-

Your both losers !!!

if i had a pic youd clearly see my like you vampire80

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