I don't like the color pink. I hate girly outfits. I like wearing my sweaters, and jeans along with my converse. I like skateboarding. I get excited watching sports. I play video games, and zombie ones in fact most of the time.

I get dressed up when I want to which is rare. I sometimes think there is something wrong with me, or I just ignore it. I hate wearing skirts unless its my uniform for school.

I dont' like wearing flats, or heels. I'm not girly. Even though I do wear jewelry, and I still wear girl cloths. My mind set isn't |girl material|. I get along with guys more, and I have a lot of guy friends who are |bro's|. Like small punches to the arm when joking around. They treat me like a girl most of the time, and they still have manners. But I still feel like I'm not girly.

I'm weird...
OutOfTheOrdinary OutOfTheOrdinary
16-17, F
Aug 22, 2014