I'm 19 And Pregnant

I am 19 years old and 17 weeks pregnant. At first when i found out,i was afraid because i didnt know what was goin to happen. When i told the baby daddy (my fiance) he was happy and worried at the same time. I didnt tell my parents right away,but my mom already knew but didnt say anything. They ended up findin out when i got a letter in the mail by a baby doctor. I wasnt home when they found out but they wanted me home asap so we could talk. I didnt come home i waited til they picked me up the day i was goin to come home. I was worried that my dad would throw me out.He didnt,my parents are bein supportive and are helpin me as much as they can. Right now me or my fiance dont have a job,but hes tryin his hardest to get one. I dont know what im having yet but i cant wait to find out so itll be easier to buy baby clothes and everything else i need. My parents have already gotten me the cutest car seat ever,some cute baby clothes that can go with a boy or girl,baby bottles,a baby tub. Everything is so cute and i appreciate everything my parents are doing for me. I even have my fiance's family too. His mom told us she will help us in any way she can,along with his grandma and sister. Im so greatful to have my parents and his family in my life helpin me as mych as they can.At my fiances place the people that live there are like my 2nd family and they help me too,they make sure i eat,and im doin ok when i stay at their place. I have alot of great people in my life that will help me make it through all this. I just wish i had my own family,i kno my aunts and my moms mom wont be there,it kinda sucks but i have my aunt and uncle on my dads side and my dads mom. Even if i dont have my moms family i will always have my parents,my dads side of the family,my bestfriends family,and my fiances family.
demonicsangel2011 demonicsangel2011
22-25, F
Sep 18, 2012