I want to be your dirty little s!ut;) xoxo

Guys, I need advice. I'm single, turned on and lonely. Do xxx toys work? Should I buy one?? I'm xxxually frustrated . Uggghhh
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You should definatly get a rabbit vibe! I got my friend when she was curious and she adores it. They hit every spot and some of them spin around inside you

They work but like most things sexual, they work best when you use them with someone helping.

Msg me if u need advise

Toys? What you need is my tongue.

I'm sure I do lmao Thanks for the suggestion. -.-.. haha

You would not regret it. It's my favourite thing to do in bed. Just sit back, relax and enjoy. xD

Lmao why tf do some guys really enjoy that?? Why do you? :o

I never asked myself that question. It just tastes good. And it's kinky.

Lol very.

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Toys are probably a good idea. Just hands alone sometimes aren't enough. Sounds like you need one to have a proper release. Look at lube too as that's great for girls and us guys.
For example I've tried those c**k rings and they are pretty good. Apart from that if you don't want the dk then have someone eat you loll

Hands are never enough for me lol. I mean I tire out and have to stop, but I'm always wanting more. I've never came before lol. And I feel like I need too!!
&Yeah that last comment.. xD As much as I'd want that, I'm super self conscious and I don't have a bf at the moment lmao. I am not gonna do **** w guys I'm not with haha. I need a bf ! hahaha

Wow that must suck! I think you defintely need some toys as your hands aren't cutting it. Your so missing out from not *******! ;)you must be dying for it. A extra toy or hands is needed..

Haha xD. Oral can be great for both people and I like giving as much as taking. I'm sure you'll get one sometime and the self consicious thing won't be an issue if your with someone who is nice and understand.
You need a bf and to come!

Lmao thanks! &Yess, I am dying for it <333 You should totally help me out;). Kidding xD but yeah. I need a bf haha. Until then, shopping is my best bet I guess ! Thanks for the advice haha

Hahaa bless yaa :) I'll be happy to help you out ;) send me a message sometime :P You need a bf to maintain you ;) You ladies and your shopping pfft! I wish I got as much enjoyment out of it.. unless I'm with a girl and she's looking at sexy underwear to wear later :D

I doo need a bf to maintain me . I'm very demanding, stubborn, sassy. I long to be controlled. Hopefully u dont think thats weird lmao
Pff, shopping is what makes girls and not strippers . !:)

I bet your worth to maintain though :) I don't think it's weird at all. We all like different things. Most guys would to love to control a girl. I wouldn't mind controlling you ;) With being very demanding do you mean horny? ;) Or just in general? Haha good comment :) Maybe one day we'll understand girls and shopping ;)

Lmao thanks:) Nd i mean bothhhh lol i need it when a guy owns this. At least whenever he wants it even tho i'd be a tease when i want it lol

Your welcome :) Haha 'this'? Full of yourself eh? ;) I wouldn't mind keeping you satisfied lol. How bad of a tease are you? I can somedays be okay, but a lot of the time I want it ;)

I am but when someone "owns this" his "not so mini"-me better have my name written all over it. I keep myself perfect down there, clean, and soft lmao but with a guy "owning that" his lovely friend better be all mine as well.
I love playing w my guys. I want them to control me but sumtimes ill make it seem like they're my toys because i love the trouble lol. I'm pretty great at teasing. You'd probably be surprised. Lol

I quite like the idea of owning it ;) That's impressive you keep yourself perfect down there :P I bet it's very nice! I like to myself in check down there and smooth. I love the idea of controlling but it is nice to have some submission sometime. I'm sure I would be pleasantly surprised with your teasing abilities lol :P
I make my parts all yours xD
I quite being teased actually. I'd really love to have a slow sensual oral one day. ;O

I bought my ex a mains powered wand vibrator... Needless to say, she ******* LOVED it!! (A word of advice; don't do like she did, and leave it lying around and then wonder why your dogs chewed through the cable...)

lmao thanks for the advice xD

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Yes every woman needs to have toys. Masterbastion is a healthy way of loving yourself and taking care of your needs. Try the "rabbit" you want something that not only moves around and vibrates inside of you but also goes to town on your **** at the same time. It should make u REAL happy real fast.

Sounds.. Perfect lol. I need something already! Uggh
But don't toys ever break?.. What if something happens?? (And wow I sound like I'm ten years old, sorry).

Adam and Eve is best place to shop. You can always find a 50%promo code online. Start shopping girl

Okay...... haha Thanks ;)

Let me me know how that works out for you cuttie pie

You go shopping last night???

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