I feel like years are going by so fast... It seems like yesterday I was that 10 year old going to cheer,

Now I'm 14...
Years are going by so fast...
Days seem to be passing faster than usual..

I'm sad that I'll be 18 in four years.. I don't want to get older, I want to stay 14, I wish there was a way to stop time, before I know it I'll Be in my 30s,
Most kids my
Age are like "oh I can't wait to get older before I can do this or that..," but me.., I don't care, I don't wanna get older, I want to stay the way I am..
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2 Responses Aug 23, 2014

That's very refreshing :0) good for you... Unfortunately nothing can stop time, but if it's any help time slows down in your twenties..?
After that don't blink ! Or your miss the rest HA!

I wanna stay in my 16 :( I don't wanna get older