that moment when u go to ur friends house and they show u all there new glittery cool stuff and then they come to ur house and u show them ur plain boring ugly colored and stuff and they ask if u went to the 99 cent store to get it :(
Angel2345 Angel2345
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A friend will come to your house cause you are there, and care less about the surroundings.

I hate being around people who what i call "have no filter." listen when someone says things like that don't just smile and let it go. Tell them that was rude. They know better they just know you will let it go. Ask them what they mean by that remark. That way it doesn't stay with you afterward. And they never expect you to make them accountable for what they say. When you do that they start thinking about what they say to you. Don't waste time with people who hurt your feelings.

Don't let material objects get you down. Be proud you don't have to flaunt stuff like that.