Wow Pregant?

Hi well me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 3 three months. And on our two month we decided to have sex. (Please dont judge me. I truly love him and i thought it would be okay. Also he truly loves me back im not stupid) Now its time for my period and i dont keep trakc of what exact day but still im scared. Ive been feeling like crap for the past two days. Cramps and dizzy (kinda) and my heads hurting. I feel like poop. And im scared that i might be pregnant and i know its knd of too early to actually see but i wanted some advice to see if it could help. If im pregnant i cant keep it. I believe i am so not ready to be a parent and deal with it emotionally. Let alone tell my parents who would killme. My bf tells me not to worry and that ill get it but i am worrying because how can i not? Im in need of some help! :O


nikki288 nikki288
13-15, F
Mar 2, 2010