Don't Tell Anyone, But......

When I was 3 years old my father took both my brother and myself to a drive in movie theater. On one side of the car "The Jungle Book" was playing, and on the other, "Dawn of The Dead". I had already seen the cartoon, so I watched the zombie flick. Ever since then, I can not sleep in a completely dark room unless I want to have nightmares or even worse..Night terrors where I am frozen helpless as zombies enter my house and make their way to my bed...hungry for my BRAINS! Every time I drive past a cemetary, I crane my neck just in case someone is trying to get out of their grave. One time my brother and cousins decided to scare me as we were visiting the dead relatives in the cemetary. My cousin Jimmy fainted, then slowly got up on wobbly legs, put his arms out in front of him, and started moaning as he walked towards me. I don't think I have ever managed to run as fast or jump as high as I did that day. It took both parents, grandparents, and alot of bribes to get me down from the top of that tree.

Yes, it is an irrational fear, but at least I am not scared of cute little kittens or puppies or even grasshoppers, like my mother :)
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