I Never Knew

I've never thought of myself as shy...but I've realised it recently..I can't ever seem to stand up for myself and if someone stands in front of me I tiptoe around them. I scare easy, I HATE crouds and being the center of attention. Whenever someone confronts me I almost freeze with terror. When I go shopping if someone sais,"can I help you?" I FREAK OUT! Despite me being shy I have a LOUD voice(when talking to people I know) and can sometimes be very outgoing. I only seem to feel comfortable around people I know well and even to them I can be timid. I'm glad that there are other people that are shy that I can talk to, finally somewhere where I can be confident to say what's on my mind.
SapphireSong64 SapphireSong64
13-15, M
Dec 9, 2012