Tears in my eyes at 3am looking online for advice on "bad relationships" and happend to come across this website. I never normally do this but figured it be a good way to vent. I was surprised to see how many other people out there go through similar things as i do. I've been very depressed and lonely lately. I feel like I've lost all my friends on top of my toxic boyfriend breaking up with me for the millionth time. I'm a caregiver and people pleaser so aka I get treated like a doormat. I met my "ex" boyfriend three years ago. He's cheated on me numerous times.. Even with my "best friend" (which I have no contact with anymore) he always begs me back and of course I give in. I love him so much and I know I shouldn't! I'm so confused and lost at this point. My friends either have live in boyfriends or are dating someone so when i'm single I feel so alone.. Doesn't help I live alone too. I'm just so sick of waking up with this feeling every morning. I just want to meet genuine nice people. I wish I could start a new life in another state but i'm 24 living alone so saving money isn't the easiest. Needless to say I talk to the ex every couple of days and tells me he's so in love with me but just can't be with me right now. I know it's all bull.. Just so hard to cope
with the depression and feeling alone. I need to stay away from him but it's extra hard when you have no one else to run to. :(
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talk to me wenever you want dear friend....