A Rough Experience

I am 26 and a single mother of 2 Sophie age 6 and Dakota age 5 there both very hyper loving little kids and there father had left me when he found he got me pregnant with my baby that's in my stumich right now a girl named Lydia he decided he didn't want to take responsibility for his children anymore so I kicked him out and moved to California its very hard being a single mother of crazy fighting kids :(
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I hope so to

just be strong and sure u will find a special man for u and for kids too

It is hard but it sounds like your kids have an awesome mom.I hope your life turns out super good the rest of the way.Thanks for sharing.

Np I try and be a good mom I'm just confused on how to discipline them..

that can be touchy but what I believe is a swat on the butt never killed a kid.Start while they are young and keep up,dont say something and then not follow through.If you do not follow through on what you say they think it is ok to lie to you and others.

Thnx for the advice :)

How do I spank them?

I feel bad doing that

oh you are welcome Valery if you need help with their home work let me know.I have a great website for you.

spanking i think i best done with a hand so yyou know how hard you have spanked them.You will not need to alwasy spank them if you spank while young.They will get the message fast and always want to make mommy happy.

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