I'm bored...... So bored....
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2 Responses Aug 17, 2014

Go learn a new song and sing your brains out.

Hmmm have you ever played with a yo yo? They're pretty awesome.

Hahaha what about drawing a picture? Throw some circles and lines on paper to share with someone on here :) I don't even know how well you can draw, you might be a bit of an artist! I wouldn't mind finding out 😃

Well I hope you managed to have a good afternoon. I'll keep you in my thoughts 😀

Because I believe in the effects of positive thinking; even if that's the one thing you can't manage to do 😃

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Sooo you should snapchat me then! 😊

Oh don't say that

Get a snapchat and add me

I'm just trying to be nice

Okay have fun staying bored then

You're a **** lol **** you

Bit of an over reaction.

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