You're Only In Your 20s? I'm 15!

I've seen other young people like me with the undereye lines, that being said they don't bug me much (Except when I grin, which I don't because I don't like how it looks) and now I'm starting to get the lines that go from your nose to your mouth.Just shallow, barely noticeable, but noticeable to me.

My friend says it's all in my mind which that, and the obsessive attitude I have towards them (Hiding my face in harsh coming-from-the-top lighting that makes me look absolutely horrid, checking myself in every reflective surface I can) makes me think I may have a touch of BDD.


Is that even possible, no matter how fair-skinned and the amount of sunburns I've gotten? I got my fair skin from my dad, and he's probably had more sunburns than me as a child. (He's a heavy smoker, too) an he doesn't look bad for 34.

So maybe it's just me.

GlitterPsycho GlitterPsycho
13-15, F
Mar 26, 2012