Can't Get Over It ;/

I had a boyfriend for like 2 years and more. We broke up about 1 year going to 2 years ago. And I just cannot forget about him. Till the day I haven't been able to move on. I do try but end up wanting to be alone. I would want to find that some one that so amazing I forget my ex. I want to leave him in the past but I just can't. Recently like a week ago we started to talk again as friends and I was all happy because we get along. The thing is he does have a girlfriend. (We all go to the same college) so now I think about it, becoming his friend is making me miss him more and all the progress I made just went down the drain. I don't think I was ready to be his friend ;/
nayelyyy nayelyyy
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 3, 2012

I know, I'm going through the same thing, I feel sorry for you because I know how you feel :(