Am I Totally Forgotten

I have not seen or spoken to him in two and a half years, i think of him everyday. Everything reminds me of him. i dont cry anymore i have no tears left to fall. I still have hope i will see him again one day, he is my soulmate. I really have no more love to give as i gave it all to him all i can think is does he ever think about me?? or am i totally forgotten?
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I would like you all to know that i am now very happy. I met Randall my fiance 2 years ago and i really never thought i could love anyone again, but it can happen. As for my ex yes he contacted me about a year ago on facebook he saw i was in a relationship and wanted to talk with me. I told him that i was happy and i hoped the best for him then i deleted him. I now have peace.

i broke up with mine a yea ago, because we didnt want it to become long distance. we though that when i went back it would all be the same but it never was. a year later and i still feel the same as you do. everything i do reminds me of him just like it does for you. i sympathise with how you feel and always ask my self wether he thinks about me or care. i would lke to think that he still does and that i will always be a part of him. but i guess one cane never really know what others feel. i wish i had some comforting words or that i could tell you it will gett better be fine but i cant. because im in the exact place as you. but me personally i find it comforting to know im not the only one who thinks ike this who feels like this, and i hope that give you some form of comfort as it does me. im not realy sure how this stuff works or if you can add people. if it is possible, im here to talk about it if you need and offere you comfort in just knowing im going through it to and maybe i can even help in soe areasr

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My boyfriend and I have been together for 1 1/2 years and were living together up until this week. I found out a lot not so good things about his past that I had never known about and found out he was taking advantage of my relatives and borrowing money. He has moved out but I haven't broken up with him yet and I haven't told him about anything that I found out. I know that I have to break up with him, but i'm having a really hard time just thinking about not being with him. I feel like part of me is gone and I really miss him, the person I thought he was anyhow. I have never felt so empty or alone and I have no idea how i'm going to get through this. Does anyone have any suggestions?

as a guy i might have a different perspective. but the only girl ive ever loved and i split 2 years ago, after 2 years of dating. on a day to day basis im not torn up, but i haven't been able to get over her or move on. we went the friends option, and still talk fairly often, at least a couple times a week. but all i can say is that it has exacerbated my situation, because i had a what if scenario, even if i told myself i didnt believe it, but in back of my mind i thought to myself maybe someday. thats been goin on for a year now, and i think this has been harder on me than the break up. id say as hard as it is, move on, go out and meet new people, because its the only viable option. and if you're lucky you'll meet someone as good or better as your ex. that's what ive been starting to do, and it has been much better than the previous year of hangin on her and hoping for something that isn't going to happen.

Everytime I broke up with a man, I tried very very hard not to call them no matter how much I miss them. I wonder if a man does the same even he missed me. Or he just simply forgot about me? It is hard to understand a man sometimes.

I hate break ups, its only been 3 weeks for me. He cheated on me and is dating the **** he cheat on me with. we were together for 4.5 yrs and he had even taken me to try on engagement rings. I miss him so much and I still want him even tho he cheated. he just fell out of love with me. I spoke to him this morning and he said he is happy now, and im still heart broken and i want to move on but everything reminds me of him. We still talk heaps during the week but when he is with his new ***** i cant talk to him, so i feel dumped every weekend.... it hurts so bad..... I wished he didnt cheat so i could have a chance to be with him again..... but i cant now. its soooo hard. I wish there was something i can take to take the pain away or to make me forget the past......<br />
Good luck with all you other girls....xx

I hope he does, and I hope that someday he'll realise what he's missing. I hope that mine does too. I still miss him. He left without saying a word, and I don't know what I did.

OMG..I broke up with mine about a month ago. I hope to god I don't still feel like this in two years. <br />
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I feel exactly the same as you, like I gave him ALL of my love and I have no more to give and I don't think I will love anyone else like the way I love him but I know that he doesn't feel the same way and it kills me soo much

My boyfriend of four years and I broke up about five or six months ago. We still talk and what not, and he tells me all the time that he will always love me.<br />
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I believe that your ex still thinks about you, and still has a place for you in his heart, and I don't think that sitting around wondering if it could ever be again is a good idea.<br />
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You should contact him. Ask him out, only as friends. Get to know who he is now, if he is even the same person you remember.

Honey I am sorry to say this but he doesnt think about you. After 2 years??? He has moved on. Its true. I am sorry. You should do the same though. Move on. Be stronger than that! Come on... I know you got more love in you than you think. You could find someone else even better. Dont give up just yet. I know its the hardest thing in the world... I still think of my old boyfriend. Everything reminds me of him I think about him everyday. It has been only a month since we stopped talking. I am no longer in love with him. But I still miss him. And wish he was here sitting next to me. Holding me. Love sucks.