I'm Still In Love With My 8th Grade Teacher

I'm still in love with my 8th grade teacher.
I was 14yrs old when i started the eight grade,I was so excited to meet new friends and see my new classes. I remember showing my older sister my schedule and her friend who both went to the same middle school, their now in gollege,and they were happy when they saw their old language arts teacher that was going to be my new teacher,I dint really care.
When school started I was so excited and the day went smooth I saw the teacher but it was like whatevers but i started noticing him more day by day and I couldnt help the feeling. I had other crushes my age,but he was mature he was 29 at the time.
I started noticing that he would stare at me while he teached or peek he would make it obvious that he was staring at me,so i became like his teachers pet I would stay afterschool to do hw help him or take ar tests on his computer we would have conversations and started to.get know each other on our interests i became writing about him all day on my journals ppl would ask "why do you stay afterclass?" I stayed quite I dint care what anyone though i was gonna do what i wanted to do.
I became obsessed over him its like he had some kind of control over me like a spell.
The stares continue i would flirt with him but not i a inapropriate way like when ever I would stare into his beautiful blue eyes he hypnitize me it was like magic.
He is married to an older woman than him,with a son,that was my excuse to get to him i thought and still think he needa to try someone younger than him like me. I would tell my sisters and friends about him they thought it was weird but I dint care what's so ever. I would write about how my day was in his class he would stare at me talk to me nice but he would also creep me out a lot of times in eight grade but i loved every single sacond of it.
I would love to say everything here but its too much but it never got that level were he could loose his job.He told me he lives in irvine not here in santa ana.I played the flute,I still do,and he played the guitar we would talk about music,life and me.
I remember he told the class he wasnt gonna be here because it was his bday and i thought I should get him something so I got him candy and he loved it when he came back but before that he told to celebrate his bday on my own.I drew him a halloween picture that he ended up in the wall by his desk.I got him two expo markers.candy for winter break the first time I gave him candy I told him that i wanted him to remember as his candy girl he smiled and agree and I started giving him things i wanted him to know that I'm gonna be his favorite cute student and that was a promise.
I felt special to him ans i wanted it to stay like that.
The amazing moments with him and i was when he sang me his talent show song I dint ask him to but he did i was the only one there I fell more in love with him.every single day.
More weird creepy strange awkward things happened between us but its lot to say nothing sexual and all.
On my promotion I got a medal from him and he wrote on my book I made for signatures and he added " I signed it! Congrats on your hard work.come back.and visit.regards" I smiled at him and as i walked away from him i turned around and he was still smiling at me he let me borrow his book because he don't like the ones i liked to read so.he recommend it me to read a book of his so i read and gave it on the last day.on promotion day I took pictures with my friends and other teachers one of male teacher grab me by the.shoulder and guy friends too.but when i was gonna take on with him.since hes so tall 6'2 I'm ready to take one and i feel his hand at the back of my waist alittle lower not too low but he was touchy I was shocked but I don't stop him,was that bad on his behalf?!
I also remember seeing his wife and cute boy when i was eating in the cafeteria I see up and see them but then.him and he saw me too there was an instant stare for like 10 saconds counting slow.it was strange.but I dint care if he had.his wife. I'm in love with him.I still visit him each yr he apprecites me.visiting him.I'm 16 yrs old he's 31 I don't care about the age,my mom is 37 and my dad is 52 so I don't see the problem its natural.
I'm a smart girl and I've been.thinking about going to.gollege but also loosing my virginity to him its my dream and hopes and.to also do good in school:) but i haven't loved any boy its like that teacher took my love.and I would do whatever it takes.to make that happen.is that bad?? I really do love him.
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omg! mine is pretty much the same except hes my choir teacher and he has a wife and son and he plays guitar but hes also like 26 or 25 im 14. so were not that far apart he doesnt really do all those things but he will get kinda too close to me sometimes but idc i love it! we have the same dream i would loose my virginity to my teacher and idc if its wrong hes a funny,cute, charming guy and im like in love!

Take the jump. Let him know at least. Even if nothing happens

OMG! Our love story seems to be same. :)