Just Tired Of Fake Friends!!

i am surrounded by fake friends! i helped them so much...i tried my best to encourage dem wenever dey wer depresed.. i told dem many techniqs 2 improve deir study.. i did everything 4 dem!!

bt dey wer not my true fnds!! now i realize dey wer jealous of me bt stil pretended 2 b gud 2 me coz dey wanted hlp in studies.. wen dey got all techniqs, dey showd deir true nature.. i neva thot dey wud b fake fnds in disguise! 

u get 2 kno who ur true fnds r wen u fall down! now,wen i am in nid of deir hlp,insted of hlpin me,dey r tryin deir bst 2 pull me down n down...

 it hurts me a loooooooooooot!!

each n every day i cry...

i dont undstand wat 2 do

bt i hav undstud 1 thing 4 sure now its tim 2 say gudbye 2 dem!!

kaveriiii kaveriiii
18-21, F
Mar 13, 2010