My boyfriend got angry cause his mate bailed on him
Then he says everyone's too much work for him these days..and I asked him am I too much work and he says most of the time yes but I love you
WTF. I never do anything right by him
I don't understand...
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i may not know so much about relationships aii? but i do know that you need someone in your life that makes you feel like true love does exist. maybe what he means by "most of the time" is different. a guy should certainly be able to work for a girl, i mean it tells you he cares. he mightve been just frustrated but if it goes on for too long you might need to think about your relationship and if its really the right thing.

Time to look at your options I think!
That didnt sound like an expression of anger. More like frustration.
Which means maybe it's been brewing for a while!!!
You guys need a 'state of the union' kind of discussion.

Yeah everytime I try to discuss things he always thinks I'm picking a fight ? And yeah, sometimes if I don't do what he tells me he says I never listen blah blah blah

Yeah and he's hard work as well. I don't understand how I'm hard work I haven't done anything wrong

Like I said. I think that you guys need time apart. Either he's under stress and can't deal with you as his partner at the moment.
Or it's more serious and he's considering ending your relationship.
But either way. You guys need to talk so you both know what the other is thinking.

Yeah well I know he is off his meds like painkillers and stuff which I know affect his mood a lot ...
His not a talker :(

Well. The obvious question is why would you come off medication that you know you need??
And if he's done this before, you know how it will go!!

Yeah he has done this so many times! It's so irritating

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