okay, im thirteen and in about 5th to 7th grade ive had really bad pimples and right now, their gone but i have black spots. my friends say they make me look cute but i cant help feeling very envious about those that are flawless and i feel very ugly. i got made fun of alot and people even tried to count those pimples. now the black spots have little to no chance of going away, at least that''s how it feels. ive even tried to enhance my femininity and whatnot. i feel like i dont add up and im not beautiful, despite people telling me im pretty. im sorta average or a bit above average i school though i am trying really hard and i have great plans and things i want to do in my life . my dad makes me feel like i dont try and im being disappointing and i keep fearing i wont be able to achieve all i want to. lastly i feel like ive made too many bad impressions and horrible mistakes in school and with friends and family and like im not going to end up enjoying life. i keep thinking people will never forget the mistakes ive made and ill become too uptight. i really need some help on this. i know i dont have it as bad as some people but i cant help feeling insecure sometimes. i do try my best to live well and be nice to people and act tough but it gets hard.
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I know where you're coming from. And it is really hard to be around these type of people that are always trying to bring you down. All I can tell you is to try to ignore them and just picture your goal. When you become what you planned to be and you become better than everyone else, you can go to those people that brought you down and you can tell them that you did it! Let their meanness be a drive to keep on pushing forward!

ive seen your profile pic on bbm :) thanks for your response it made me feel better! xx

Anytime! Whenever you need someone to cheer you up.. I'll be here!

hmmm. i like a girl who is not so beautiful. many of my friends did not like that girl. But still i talked to her (she likes me too). After this many friends told me you deserve better than this. But i don't know i just like her. its not about appearance. i cant explain what's this.

My point is you don't have to worry about anything. Just be happy and be receptive. Surely you will find love while spreading it. :)

you dont know how much that response means to me. hearing it from a guy really puts it in a different persepctive.

Many people will tramp your heart. many will try to win it too. I just live in the moment and don't care about what will happen. hope you got what i mean.

Just love yourself,love everyone, and love your life. Cause only love is real. Its a book if you want to read. 'Only Love is real' by Dr. Brian Weiss.

thank you. i guess i never thought about that. i figured a sensible guy wouldnt want to approach me if they didnt like how i look but that hasnt really been a problem for me in the past but im yound so who knows!!! xD

i figured my whole issue would pose a problem but im still young xD and i believe in augustine and hazel's love anyway (the fault in our stars by john green)

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