My Number # 1 Cause ( Financial)

I'm a guy that is at the very low end of wealth and of doing more than just trying to Survive and having myself obtain personal interest at luxuries at meeting my Budget. To find things exceeding my Budget, Simply puts the Breaks on Everything more in my life. Wanting to Initiate a Courtship with some Lady I would like.  My Financial situation puts the Trepidation on me, because that's more likely or not, going to exceed my budget and lack of Occupational Skills. The idea is to get out into this world in some Professional Occupation and try to make the Money. While that has been for me a handicap for me in having a learning disability and responding and executing myself as fast pace as our world likes to go at.  I'm Neurologically living on a slow pace situation, that never suits others. I can't function at the world's pace with things. If some Lady can accept doing things without expenses and wanting something done at a slow pace. I probably could find my Confidence with some things. I think there are more Topics that I will come back to this Group to get into many of the other reasons for my shyness and lack of Initiating a Desired Courtship. Many things intend to stack up on this and for its causes.

ChakraSolipsismMGP ChakraSolipsismMGP
56-60, M
Mar 12, 2010