Real Optimism

"No longer is precarity, insecuritization, or even poverty the purview of the exceptional few; its spread to even college graduates and those who manage to get (then lose) decent jobs means that no one is totally 'safe' today....But there is also a potential in this very discomfiture of life in the postbubble, which is a demand for, or inkling of, change. Changing the terms by which life gets lived (besides the privatization of home and wealth), value gets assessed (outside of capitalism or even work-based productivity), and sociality gets stitched together (beyond family and corporation)."

- "Ordinary Refugees: Social Precarity and Soul in 21st Century Japan," Article by: Anne Allison, Anthropological Quarterly, Volume 85, Number 2, Spring 2012, p. 367
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Thanks for sending me this. I commend whoever brought it to your attention.

The only constant is change. That change is sometimes easier to detect in more confined or defined spaces - like Japan. It will likely take longer for behemoths like China and the USA to recognize that society based on abundance is ill-fitted to suit the coming explosion of abundant population.

Maybe not so long from now that common opener 'What do you do?' will no longer mean 'what do you do for money?' .... and might come to mean 'what do you do for others?'

it was homework, so you can thank my teacher lol. And who knows...maybe it will, which would certainly be a beautiful change.

Imaginary creation costs only a tiny fraction of material production. The cold and sterile marketplace sells an original poetic, novelistic, or short story vision at a significant discount to a plywood and steel home with beach-front balcony view. This, perhaps, above all others is the real correction that our economy requires.

well i'll let you and hlp duke it out over the "real correction our society requires".