Sara's Own Story

On the Monday, I contacted the work agency and told them to Sub-Contract all my work for the next two weeks, as I would be taking a Two-week vacation, Then on the Tuesday morning Sara phoned me at ten o’clock to let me know she had just landed at JLA, Airport in Liverpool, And she will be back at her office that afternoon, After a debriefing on the trip, she will be going home, And she will call over to me at six o’clock that evening, When she arrived she looked stunning. Very light make up. and wearing a long just above the knee Yellow Flower patterned off the shoulder dress, But no coat, I pointed towards the stairs, She smiled and said no need, I went to the Petrol Station, down the road, to make sure I was okay when I arrived, with that I said Living Room, She just nodded to me and said fine, when we sat down. She asked, Shall I get the drinks, you are defiantly going to need one, When she came back, and she brought two Glasses of whiskey. One for me and one for her, to my surprise she downed half of hers in one go, Now Sara does not normally drink whiskey, She said you sit over there on the Settee, I will sit here in the chair, Leaning back into her chair and crossing her legs, She then said. Well David, She never calls me that, and that surprised me. She went on. I am not well. I have not been since I was a little girl,

You see it all started when I was only fouteen, I was with my family on a day trip to Scarborough, my Mother and father, younger Brother. And two sisters, and I, we where involved in Road traffic accident, on our way home, my mother and father where very badly injured and spent weeks in Hospital, My Elder Sister. was Killed at the scene, and my younger Sister died of her injuries a couple of days later, my brother was thrown clear and suffered only Cuts and bruises and shock. And was released a few days later. Into a foster home, I was the more seriously injured, and was only given a small chance of survival, a large metal fence post, which smashed through the front of the car, impaled me, It came in came in through the engine. And went in through my lower stomach just above my crotch, and pinned me to the seat, the car landed on its roof and crushed the roof down low, causing cranial damage to my head, They had to cut me out of the wreckage. And transport me to Hospital. Still with the post in me, and attached to the seat, I was in Surgery for hours, the outcome of my injuries where horrific. They had to remove part of the spleen. The womb. Some of my intestines, My Stomach Lower floor muscles where damaged. My bladder was cut in half, my back bowls where intact but my front bowl was badly damaged. All my womanly bits where removed, so I will be unable to have Children. And that was not all; the damage to lower body was bad enough. But I also suffered injuries to my head. I suffered slight brain damage. I don’t know much about this she said, but I was told that there is a part of Left side. That has a lobe, which sends signals to the body,

This was damaged beyond repair, Well I survived she said, and I spent months in Hospital, I was told that for the rest of my life I will have to learn to cope with the fact. That my urinal System will not function normally, my kidneys and liver are intact and are okay. But my bladder is only half its normal size, my inner Spinach's is slightly damage and cannot be repaired, my nervous system in that region is impaired, This means signals from the brain are late in arriving or on occasions don’t arrive, It has also left me suspect to pain, If I feel pain, It sends me wacky. And I lash out at the nearest person close to me, it also means. I do not get a toilet message like normal people, I get it so late. That I am bursting as soon as I realize I need to go, because my bladder is so small. It can only hold a small amount, so if I wait to long it becomes unbearable, and very painful, and also because my inner spinach's is damage there is no way I can hold it for long, the longest I can last is about thirty Minutes. By then I am very very desperate, so about twenty or twenty-five minuets I go, Evan if I feel I do not need to go, I just go just to be safe, sometimes it is very embarrassing, because I forget the time when I am enjoying my self, And out of now where. I get this message down below that I have to go, but I am actually starting to do it, I feel I need a wee. And before I can react its gushing out, down my legs, very embarrassing, it nearly happened with you, the other night. In the cab, the last time it caught me out. Was when we went to the nightclub after the Cinema? I felt it in the Cinema and thought I could make it to the club, I was wrong, I was really bursting when we got inside, and those girls had to help me. I thought I had lost you that night, because it was so embarrassing, I stood by the washbasins. I wondered if you would be still waiting for me, I was ever so happy when I came out. And saw you waiting, you see. I have never kept a boy friend before, they have always found it to embarrassing. For them. And they have left me, you are the longest I have know a fella, And I have been wondering. When you will walk out on me, I broke in there and said, Sara. I don’t think you understand me properly yet, I will never walk out on you or leave you, it will not and never will embarrass me, because.  I had to swallow a large gob full of whiskey then, it will be you who is going to walk out on me now, Because you are right when you call me Pervert as I do have a perversion, and its not the one you think you know about, well its more or less the same one, but goes further, I like to see females desperate. To use the toilet, it turns me on something rotten, I then explained everything to her, and she just sat there. Mouth open. And listened to every word, when I had finished, she got up walked over to me and sat on my lap, putting her arm around my neck. She kissed me hard, then pulling away, She said, Hurt me and I will ******* kill you, do you understand, I told you once that I will do anything for you, As long as you Satisfy me, and look after me, That still stands. But don’t you ever dare.  Make me wet myself on purpose, if you do. I will ******* seriously hurt you, if it is an accident that’s okay, so if you still want me, I am here for you, and don’t get upset. If I come home one day absolutely ******* bursting, And I just push you into the nearest seat, and sit on your lap. And let you have it, I replied. I will not mind if there are no chairs, and you push me to the floor and sit on my chest, or Evan on my face I would love that, She just flick her head back, removing the hair from her face, Smiled at me and said, you are really a ******* pervert, But if that’s what you want, My honey bunch, you shall have it, I am not going to tell you when, I will just do it when you least expect it, just like that morning I sat on your chest. I told you then. I am bigger than you are. And stronger than you, so you will not be able to shift me okay, I just kissed her, and then said. So petal are you going to come live with me, she giggled. And said. I think that drink is doing things to me, would you like to wash your hands now, or should I just sit here. And keep on leaking, look, pointing down. To a small patch on her crouch, which was glistening, and growing larger by the second, I replied. God Sara, are you *******, she just nodded and giggled again, I replied, upstairs with you now, the ******* settee will get ruined, she stood up grabbing my hand and said hurry, She made it, Just about, and she stayed the night, So now we both know about each other, And we are both very happy together, I have also asked her to marry me, and she has said yes, we went to meet her Parents the following Sunday, And had a good day, So as for now everything in the bog is beautiful, So that is that from me and Sara for now, I will write the odd story about are exploits from time to time, I will also keep a Blog, so if you want, you can catch up with events that way as well, All this has happened in a short period of time, and is a true evaluation of events as they happened, the only thing that is false is the Names, I changed them for anonymity,

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