Dave and Sara's Hoiday

Sorry to have not been around for a while. But Sara and I have been away on a short break to Italy, as I have mentioned previously that Sara is a manageress of a British Airways Travel agency, And as part of her duties she is obliged to go on trips to certain destinations to check out the Facilities, The Hotels and apartments. And the Airports. She was employed as an Air Stewardess for a while on short and long haul flights. With her experience, she was offered a position as an Assistant Manager, in one of there Travel shops. Later she was promoted to Branch Manager, and moved to the Area where I live, and that is where we met, She was given an assignment to go to Italy and asked me if I would go with her, I jumped at the chance of a cut price holiday, So we Spent Ten Days over there, When she was not working. We spent time together and just Chilled, Its great at the moment as she is asked almost every two weeks or so to take one of those Business trips, And if I can arrange it, I go with her, So everything in the Bog is Beautiful, We are now planning a trip over to Liverpool. Next week, for the Grand National Horse Racing Festival, At Aintree,  I do recommend this as a venue for some great Desperation Sightings, I have been there a number of times  myself in the past, Anyway Sara and I are not only planning this trip, But we plan to marry in September, So we both will be busy sorting that out,

So we both will, Love you and Leave you for now,

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Mar 27, 2009