Imho Justin Biber Hate Fever Is Overrated

Okay i am not a justin biber fan but i get annoyed by comments that people make about him.Just a while ago i saw this picture of justin biber .And the guy/girl who made the picture has censored the part of his chest region(indicating that he has boobs) and the caption of the photo was like this

:BREAKING NEWS 12-year-old girl arrested for flashing kids at beach and stealing their football.
here's teh link for the picture

I mean isnot hate/dislike for him so common and overrated?and in my opinion some people blindly say that they hate justin biber as its the happening thing in the world right now.And seriously making such rude annoying comments about him makes noone cool.And to my amazement there's this man (in his mid fourties)somewhere over the internet telling that he's thankful that his kids dont like justin biber.I was like do you seriously mean that?
letsgetlostagain letsgetlostagain
18-21, F
May 8, 2012