My Wife Wanted A Black Baby

One night while my wife and I were ******* out of the blue she asked me what I would do if she was pregnant by a black man I will tell you I ****** her like I have never ****** her before, she has been ******* black men right along but was on birth control that night she told me she was going to get off it and try to get pregnant by a black man. I found plenty of volunteers I worked with a lot of black men and I told him my problem they were more than glad to help. After a few months she did get pregnant but did not carry the baby to term she tried to more times with the same results followed by a hysterectomy. I never told the men my wife had a hysterectomy because I wanted them to keep ******* her as hard as they could thinking that she could get pregnant with their baby if she gave we would have no idea who was the father anyway.
jcomerford jcomerford
36-40, M
May 24, 2012