I Will Do It

Need your wife or girl friend pregnant. Lets hook up.

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I am a sissy cucky hubby according to my hot wife. She has cucked me and ****** other men in front of me. I have become very excited when that happens, even when she ***** black guys.<br />
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My wife teases me about getting barebacked and pregnant by another man. I begged her not to, but she says she will. And to top it al off she says she wants a BLACK MAN TO "SEED" HER. I REALLY AM AGAINST THAT. I don't like it, but I think if a white man got her pregnant, it would not be as embarrasing, so I am asking you to seed her before a black man does. Maryann is 40, has 38D ****, and has the juiciest ***** I have ever heard of. She has great ******* and likes to be ****** several times. Please help me. I don't even care if you tease me about it or my small penis. That is better than having to raise a black child. <br />
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I would love to become pregnant, but my husband doesnt want a kid...