Impregnating Your Girl

I want to be with a couple where the woman is hot to be impregnated but, her man cannot or will not do it. I want to slip my baby maker into her deep with my ***** spurting in to a wet cervix. I can go either way. Her man can be outside the door knowing exactly what I am doing to his woman in the room behind the door. Or, he can be in the room watching every detail as it happens to her. Whatever is the biggest turn on is good with me. I like women who are afraid of a sudden, unplanned pregnancy but, totally turned on by it at the same time. They do something they shouldn't be doing but, they just can't resist doing it and do it anyway, despite the risk. These kind of women are the type I really enjoy being with. I was with one before. Her boyfriend and her did not communicate their true desires. She really wanted to get pregnant and he was clueless. I would come by after work. He would be drunk and passed out in the living room while I was getting busy with her in the bedroom. She hesitated a little bit at first but, then gave in and I was pumping ***** into her every chance I got. When the EPT test came up very positive I felt completely fulfilled and then sat back and waited for her to start showing.

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We are a cuckold couple and seeking a black man to provide my wife with the sexual satisfaction. We are looking for a long term arrangement not a one off…we are looking for one man who can pleasure her over the medium to long term.: D&D free… She enjoys masculine, self-assured men who know how to ****. If you are the right man you will have the opportunity to **** (on an ongoing basis), a wife who is 5ft 3in, size 12, petite, small perky breasts, pouty soft lips, shoulder-length auburn hair, amazing curved *** and a very sweet tasting *****. She is very feminine and makes herself sexy for her men with lingerie, shaving her ***** and doing her hair and make-up. It's no secret that she is **** in bed with men who know how to make her squirt!!! 276-734-1061
In a cuckold marriage, the wife is completely transformed into a liberated woman who can experience as many men and as much sex as she desires. She can be confident in the knowledge that her husband is waiting faithfully for her at home and eagerly anticipating her arrival from her dates. She also knows that he no longer expects sexual pleasure from her even though he may desire it very much. He is still completely satisfied by her experiences and sexual growth as she learns more about how to please herself freely.

Another trait of the cuckold marriage is that the male partner agrees that he will not pursue any extramarital sex at all. This is strictly a freedom granted to the wife. This is why many people tend to associate female dominated marriages with the cuckold lifestyle and there is, indeed, crossover. However, in many instances the husband is simply more aroused by his wife's own experiences and transformation into the ideal "****" than he is in his own pursuits.
Some cuckold marriages go even farther by adding the concept of pregnancy by the wife's lover to the experience. Some couples plan on the wife becoming pregnant by her lover from the very start. Others gradually grow to this level over time as both partners discover that the idea is very exciting to them and in many ways practical. This is the strongest and deepest expression of the cuckold marriage possible.
So apparently I'm a hotwife and have been in this lifestyle almost a year. It was a year ago I sign up on Adult Friend Finder. I have been married 1 1/2 years. My husband loves me and I love him and have no intention of ever getting a divorce. A year into our marriage he told me he would like to see me **** a guy who was bigger than he was, Anyways, I started thinking a lot about his little fantasy of me having sex with another man. I told him I didn't know anybody and didn't know how to find anybody. So that is when I finally decided to get on AFF a year ago. So with that I will say that my husband knows about each sex session I have. He then likes for me to tell him all about it when I get home. My husband and I found out very early in our relationship that I LOVED sex, and was addicted to it. He is very supportive and we both play. For me, there is something amazing about exploring a new lover, even if it is only going to be for the next thirty minutes, it is all new. The flavors, textures, and the smells are all new, the way he runs his hands over my breasts, pinches my nipples and slaps my *** is all new, unexpected. I love the way each new partner feels, his technique with his mouth and tongue and the way he ***** me. I love the pleasure and feel of a new **** inside me, the way each thrust is different, the roll of this one’s hips, or how slow and deep this one gets. IT IS SIMPLY AMAZING!!!~!
My husband and I have a pretty unique sex life. We love each other very much but we allow each other to have sex with other people. There are conditions such as no secrets, we can read all text and emails, and we have to provide details of our sexual encounters. . For several past year I have been fantasizing about having another man's baby. I desires a bull who satisfies me completely. He desires for this to expand by living together with a lover for a while and to act like a couple in every way. My Cuckold husband loves to see me being enjoyed by other men. I'm a 41 yr., VERY horny, multi-orgasmic wife looking to spice things up a bit. I do like to go out on my own if I feel safe. . I am dedicated to the adrenaline pumping, heart pounding, lustfully sexual hotwife lifestyle, where my husband allows his wife to **** other men with or without his participation. I have been fantasizing about having another man's baby. This is a strong desire for me!!! Long story short, I'm not necessarily in a sexless marriage with my husband, but my kinks include other men. Aside from that, for I would say less than a year now, I have been completely fascinated by the idea of becoming impregnated by another man. So for that, I love pregnancy risk sex. I am completely turned on by the idea that another man could easily make me pregnant and I will of course raise that child with my husband. Like I said before, I enthralled with the notion that I might get pregnant. I love my husband but I love that taboo sense of bearing a child that will most likely not be from my husband. I am a rather sexual person as you might come to conclude. I completely love having sex and with that I do have my kinks. This is well one of them if you might say. I hope I can meet people with the same experiences. To the point of how I might have come to love 'breeding' sex, it all really started with becoming involved in the cuckold lifestyle. My husband was simply not the most 'gifted' person in bed and didn't have the tools necessary really, and like most cuckold, he would rather want someone else to fulfill my needs. Pregnancy risk sex, I can't imagine any other type of sex. He asked if I would ever stop taking BC pills and maybe let another man impregnate me. My husband has said he will not *** in me for he wants me IMPREGNATED BY ANOTHER MAN and I can really see the love in his eyes. I don't know what it is, but I desire men to take control, claim me as theirs and breed me. This means it can go to a live in status, either me living with you or you with me if that's something you desire.
About me: My life as a Hotwife this is about love, adventure, exploration of secret fantasies, self -exploration, trust, understanding and acceptance. Acceptance of the one I love and finally of myself. This is the mental and emotional side of being a hotwife. If you want **** look elsewhere! If you are new here it's best to start at the ~1. Ask me anything

It's a closely guarded secret that I am a ****. My husband knows - he loves it. He loves me being a ****, He loves men using me like a *****, talking dirty to me, having me to **** other men for him (maybe forcing?) :-) We are both a little perverted. We each have our own perversions, some we share, some we indulge the other in, but almost everything turns one or both of us on. My husband likes to be a cuckold. He likes it when I **** other men while he watches. Especially if they put on a show for him, or include him in the foreplay, then have him sit back and watch me lose myself in it while the man ***** the breath out of me. "As you all know, I love to be ****** bareback style since I love it all natural with plenty of skin to skin contact :)

I was meant to be BRED. I am a FERTILE, submissive white ***** who needs to be impregnated by any and all Men. I came off birth control, and my Husband said we would not **** again until I was pregnant. He desires for this to expand by living together with a lover for a while and to act like a couple in every way. My Cuckold husband loves to see me being enjoyed by other men. I'm a 41yr, VERY horny, multi-orgasmic wife looking to spice things up a bit. I do like to go out on my own if I feel safe. . I am dedicated to the adrenaline pumping, heart pounding, lustfully sexual hotwife lifestyle, where my husband allows his wife to **** other men with or without his participation. I have been fantasizing about having another man's baby. This is a strong desire for me!!! If you are serious 276-734-1061. No RESTRICTED calls accepted.

Any one looking for a man in Pa to impregnate their wife, gf, or just want to get pregnant let me know

anyone looking to get impregnated by a young man in cali?

My wife and I are thinking about having her seeded! Would any of you studs be willing to **** her bareback and leave your fertile ***** in her belly? Please let us know! Thanks!

come out to Oahu on vacation, she'll leave with more than a tan :)

I would love too

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Who wants to get raped? just let me know where you live and I one day will show up randomly and I will rape you.


my wife has had 2 babies by other men, both accident, she wanted another baby but not by another man, it was me who was satified with just the first child.<br />
over 40 years ago now, they are very fond memories

WTF is wrong with u ppl? U all need sum serious mental help that only a doctor can help u with! Expecially dude talkin bout ****** his wife n daughter?? Like u all r sum sick minded individuals? That need 2 b caged & locked up god help u all! Ur a disgrace 2 society

Sounds like my wife and daughter. They regularly let black guys **** them bare as they say they love the feeling of a black **** pumping ***** into them. They both take birth control pills but does not tel the men letting them think they might impregnate them, thereby making the ******* that much hotter. I love watching both of them getting ****** hard and deep. Sometimes I would **** both after they had been thoroughly "soaked" by black ***.

Surprisingly, it is not difficult to find women who want to get pregnant anonymously. For about 10 years, I regularly contacted girls and women on a local chat line and arranged sexual contacts with them. Once trust was established (by online phone conversation), I went to their residences and engaged in bareback intercourse with them. Many were plain and unattractive, but more than a few were gorgeous and upset with their boyfriends and/or husbands and looking for fun on the side. Few if any of these females were on birth control. After vaginal intercourse, many submitted to anal sex, all of it bareback. During this period, I estimate I had sex with about 120 girls and women, and a random follow-up a few years later with 10 I could track down through old phone numbers found that three had become pregnant and had a baby. Although an unscientific sampling, it is not unreasonable to assume that I impregnated about 30 to 40 women, all anonymously, with no possiblity of being tracked for child support. I highly recommend this method to all males interested in mating with willing females.

want chat rooms did you use

I am seeking a man willing to impregante me.

I would impregnate you can you send me a picture ?

are you still looking?

cool lets do it.

I have latin roots(smooth tan skin). Irish roots (darkcrymson natural hair). I'm 6'3" i'm muscular, and I'm a soon to be Nuclear Engineer. (intelligence) I'm no small man.<br />
<br />
I'm also hung and thick. does anyone desire these traits?

i luv to help someone get is one of my hot fantasies.......i am a mature latin alpha bull male.....hope to help some one with thier need and me with mine.......

I definitely have the same desire and I am currently looking for someone who wants to be impregnated. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find a woman yet!

i havent ****** her any time. she is still a virgin and wants to **** someone very old and get impregnated. she likes old big *****.

where are you located?

hey would u like to impregnate my 18 year old wife?


Yes, my wife's like that except that she would'nt **** with just any guy. It MUST be young well hung black guys and she only and always ***** bare

Sounds like my wife and her boyfriend. Before she had her tubes tied he was filling her on a regular basis.She didn't want to be impregnated but she had to have his *** in her.If she had gotten pregnant we would have worked it out. I love her so much and she is a great mom to our two kids.

this is very hot. My wife is this way. She ***** others and always bareback..but claims that she doesnt want to get pregnant. I think it would be hot if it happened