Husband's Fantasy Come True

This happened while I was living in U.K. a number of years ago.

I was invited to a small party while on the road. I didn't know anyone there, but it was a generally quiet crowd and I was having a good time. I got to talking to a couple named Sam and Lisa and we seemed to hit it off. After the party they invited me out to a local pub for a drink (the party broke up early). After a beer I headed back to my flat.

A couple of days later I got a phone call from Sam about going out to dinner with him and Lisa. From then on, about once a week I had dinner with them, sometimes at their home, sometimes at a restaurant. They had two kids a daughter 3 and a son 6. I enjoyed their company always had a good time. Sam and Lisa were both 34.

Sam was an avid golfer, but I never got into that sport so Lisa and I used to tease him about chasing little white balls all over. Sam also liked to tease Lisa about sex. At first she was a little shy about it in front of me, but after awhile she loosened up. One night we got to talking about fantasies. Sam had had a bit too much to drink and I was glad that I was taking them home. He started talking about his favorite fantasy. Evidently, this was new to Lisa as well as me. It turns out that Sam has harboured a fantasy of seeing Lisa with another man.

Well shocked wasn't quite the word, but certainly very surprised described Lisa's response. Luckily Lisa had a bit to drink too so didn't get too upset with Sam. In the end she started teasing him about it. Picking out men at the pub and asking Sam his opinion. I got them both home and Lisa promised to pour Sam into bed.

A couple of days later Sam again asked me to dinner with him and Lisa. This time Lisa was dressed to kill. A flouncy black skirt just above her knees and a frilly red blouse. She looked great. She also blushed furiously when I met them that evening. Sam ordered wine and proposed a toast to friendship. Lisa downed hers right away. About halfway through dinner, Lisa excused herself for the powder room. Sam looked at me and said he had something he wanted to ask me.

He asked if I remembered the other night when we were talking about fantasies and I nodded yes. He said that night afterwards was the best sex they had had in ages. The next day he told me they talked about it. In the end Sam told me that Lisa agree to have sex with another man and they both wanted me to "do the deed". He had it all in his mind how it was to go. Lisa would ***** for us both. We would kiss and fondle and then I would enter Lisa and **** her. I would do my best to give Lisa and ****** and just as I felt release I was to pull out. Sam had talked Lisa into unprotected sex because he longed to see a naked **** slide into her. But since he had had a vasectomy, he wanted me to pull out before I came inside of her. It only took me moment  to agree.

Lisa returned to the table and looked at Sam, he nodded. And Lisa proceeded to turn beet red. The rest of the meal was rather subdued. We all went back to Sam's and Lisa's home. The kids were in  bed and Sam took  the babysitter home.

When he got back we all ended up in the living room and Sam put on soft music. Lisa was standing in the middle of the floor. Sam looked at her, smiled, and nodded to her. She looked a little lost there. Finally, Lisa started moving slowly and unbuttoning her blouse. She kept looking at the floor the whole time. She was very very nervous. Sam sat there grinning. The blouse was unbuttoned and I could see Lisa's red bra now. It was small and her breasts, while not large, were only covered about halfway. Lisa finally looked up at Sam and me as she slipped her blouse off and let it drop to the floor.

She turned her back to us and unfastened her skirt. Lisa let it open down the back and I could see her black knickers through the opening in her skirt. Lisa eased her skirt down slowly and I saw her *** cheeks for the first time.

She turned around toward us and cupped her breasts through her bra. Sam looked over at me and motioned me up and toward Lisa. I walked up to her and reached out my arms. Lisa came between them and we hugged. I could feel her breathing hard now. She was still very nervous. I kissed her cheek and then snuzzled her neck. I let my hands trail down Lisa's back and  rubbed her bottom through her panties.

I looked over at Sam and he sat there slowly and gently rubbing his **** through his pants. I ran my nails down the middle of Lisa's back and felt her tremble in my arms. Reaching around I cupped her breasts as she had done earlier. I squeezed gently. I could feel her nipples stiffening now. I ran my fingertips along the outline of her bra and across the top slope of her breast. I pulled it down and exposed one nipple. I pushed my hands down inside of Lisa's panties and squeezed her butt.

Finally Lisa kissed me full on the mouth and I felt her tongue inside mine. She was getting closer to being ready. I rubbed my hand against her crotch and felt dampness there, definitely ready.

There was blanket next to the sofa and I walked over and spread it out on the floor. Lisa lay down on it and I joined her there. I kept kissing her and struggled to remove my own shirt and pants. She unfastened her bra and slid it off fully exposing her breasts to both Sam and me. I rubbed her crotch with one hand and eased my underwear off with the other. I was nude and only Lisa's panties kept her from being completely nude.

I reached down and took hold of both side of her waistband and pulled them down, over her hips, and past her legs and feet. I finally got to see Lisa's *****. She had trimmed it and her lips were bare with a landingstrip of hair at the top. I ran my finger along her slit. I was hard like a steel rod by this time. Sam was rubbing his **** harder now, but still through his pants.

I pushed a finger into Lisa and heard her intake of breath. I fingered her **** and felt a rush of fluid over my finger. I pushed a finger deep inside and stroked Lisa while kissing her hard on the mouth.

It was time. I moved between Lisa's legs then and rubbed my fingers up and down on her *****. When her eyes closed and her breath8ng became ragged, I let the tip of my **** nestle between her lips. Lisa started moving now and I let her ease herself onto my ****. When about a third of me was inside, I pushed the rest of my **** deep into Lisa.

I paused for a moment and let both of us feel the sensations. Then I started moving. I ****** Lisa slow deep and easy. She was sopping wet. Looking over at Sam he was staring at us, his fantasy coming true.

I knew Lisa wasn't going to last long the way she was breathing and increased the speed and force of my strokes. Lisa had a tight ***** and it felt fantastic. She was nering the edge now. Her eyes were closed and she wrapped her legs around me, hooking her heels behind my thighs pulling me hard up against her.

I caught a movement at the corner of my eye and glanced around. Sam and Lisa's six year old son had come into the room and was looking at his mother and me on the floor. Sam noticed too and ran over in front of him, but not before he saw it all. Sam took him out.

Lisa chose this moment to begin her ******, with her eyes closed and ragged breathing she didn't know her son had seen us. Deep grunts sounded from her throat and she pulled even harder on my legs and with her arms wrapped around me squeezed me close. Lisa went over the edge just as Sam came back into the room.

Lisa's tight ***** clamping down on me and the fact that her son had seen us was too much for me. I tried to pull back, but in the throes of ******, Lisa legs were like a vise around me and were too strong. I couldn't pull out and couldn't hold it in, so I filled Lisa full of my ***.

Lisa was spent when I finished filling her. I looked at Sam and saw a spreading wet spot in the front of his pants. All I remember him saying was "Oh my God, that was hot."

I pulled out of Lisa and a little *** leaked out of her. I don't think she understood exactly what had happened yet. I helped Lisa to her feet and hugged her. Then turning to Sam I told him to talk to Lisa and that I expected her in the bedroom in 15 minutes.

I waited in the bdroom for 30 minutes before Lisa came in. She was wearing a robe. When I walked up to her she looked down at the floor as I opened her robe. I slid it off of her shoulders and led her to the bed.

I asked Lisa if she knew that I was not going to pull out anymore and she said "yes". I bent her over the bed and spread her cheeks apart, then penetrated Lisa from behind in her *****. This time I started out hard and continued. Lisa's butt was heart shaped and I loved looking down at her butt and seeing my **** disappear. Lisa didn't disappoint me, she soon had a second ******. When she finished I came again inside.

We went to bed and rested after that. In the morning I took Lisa again before we got out of bed. I stayed with Sam and Lisa that weekend. Lisa found out that afternoon that her son had seen us. She talked to him and decided that he didn't yet understand and she just told him that it was an adult game.

Sam watched again later as I ****** Lisa and filled her full. Within a month Lisa discovered that she was pregnant. Since then she has given birth to another son.

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Thanks for sharing your great story!

Great story!

Great story with a glorious happy ending....hope to see more from you!

Very sexy story. My wife too had one of our kids see her with another man. They were on the floor in our bedroom & I was watching , suddenly the door opened & one of our two young children ( a boy 4 & a girl 2 1/2 ) was in the opening--- which ever one it was retreated so quickly that I never determined which one it was. Still don't know twenty years later.

Amazing. I hope someday I am lucky enough to be involved in something like this.

Great story!