Keeping In Touch With Home..

and here's a remarkable story.

Wayne reports: "Recently my boss Paul went to China on a two-week business trip, and kept in touch with the office here in Melbourne via SMS to our administration clerk, Jeanette.
He kept her informed of his every move, including, on his last day, a message that he was leaving the hotel and flying home in a few hours."
He jumped in a cab to head to Bejing airport at 11pm and was asked if he would mind sharing the ride with another Aussie heading home to Darwin, who was busily texting on his mobile.
Halfway to the airport Paul got a call from a very grumpy Jeanette whose mobile had gone off in the middle of the night.
She said, " Why are you texting me again? You already told me you were leaving in a few hours! Why did you call me Babysocks? And whose phone are you using? Are you drunk?"
The conversation got heated as Paul protested that he hadn't messaged her since earlier that afternoon.
The guy sharing the taxi was listening in on the argument and interrupted Paul when he'd heared enough information. He enquired about Jeanette's mobile number.
Turns out it was ONE digit different from his wife's mobile number.
He'd just messaged her that he was leaving for the airport, dialling in the number and got one digit wrong. Jeanette had received his message instead.
There's over a billion people in China, 20 million in Australia, and only a relative few Aussies in China at any given moment, and even fewer sharing cabs as strangers. And there are millions of different mobile phone number combinations...... what are the chances?.
sharossody sharossody
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Jul 15, 2010