Lost Friend

Hi,im starlit this guy ive known him for 20 year's, i really dislike him the first time i met him, he was always out at White Rock Lake  (InTexas) flirting with the girls! That's where our gang hung. He even went to prison twice i still didn't like him. The last time he got out he come to my house cause i sent him a card while he was in prison(felt sorry for him) he seem to got wisdom and got very goodlookin. We went to the beer store alone and he started making sense! lol  Anyway he moved down the street from us kept bringing girl's around like he wanted my approval only one i like so the four of us started hanging out

 !Stay with me now! I have a monster for  brother he was always hitting me putting me in the hosiptal once but one day he come to my home when my guy friend was there. I could tell he was drunk wanted to fight he had a friend with him that made a comment about my behind when i went to throw something in the trash, i don't take no man's mouth i slapped his friend made my brother mad he double up his fist hit me rightin the mouth knock my teeth out , he was coming to hit me again but my guy friend was pretty tuff he whip my brother butt all the way down the stairs and to his car i was crying hard my face was disfiugered my friend came and look right in my eyes with his baby blue eyes and said STARLIT  as long as im around i promise he won't never touch you again he had big tears in his eyes, that's when i started falling for him heck my husband just stood there always did. That was 10 years ago he comes by my house or calls everyday i wont to be with him all the timebut he's married too. He married for money well that's the beginning you guy's are probaly tired of reading. This is the first time for me to be at this sight i would like to make a friend or two i get very lomesome at night well all the time really. Please write!


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So many things I could say about this post...<br />
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I have had people I hated end up being friends. And yes I have fallen for some of them too. Being married you are both in a complicated situation. The fact that he stood up for you when nobody else would makes him a great friend. <br />
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I'm curious what he thinks about you though. Are you just friends? Have you talked about this at all?