Im Inluv With a Married Man

we have been together for a year now,at some point i want to leave him....please help

i somehow dont want to leave him.....he is a great guy


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3 Responses Sep 8, 2009

get another guy dude.

Even if they get a divorce, that does not mean he will be willing to commit to you. He may enjoy his freedom and love you still. If he is married and they live in different states then just enjoy the moments that the two of you share together. If you feel in your heart that he is not ready to commit to you completely, then you may need to put your eggs in another basket.

I have been in a relationship with a seperated but married man for 3 and half years. I am in love with him dearly and they do live in seperate states but still not divorced. He tells me he has never loved anyone like he loves me and i have not either but I don't know if they are ever gonna get a divorce. I have drove myself crazy about this and too add fuel to the fire we own a business together. I have tried to leave him but we still have the business connection and i do love him with all my heart and I dont know what to do.He continues to tell me he wants me forever ,i dont believe him anymore and that hurts. I need help huh?????????????