His Mother Is 4 Years Older Then Me!!

It's July 2, 2010 and I am out with my girl happy that my marriage is finally over, I see my sister talking to some guy so I turn and walk away. As I'm walking away I hear excuse me miss can I talk to you for a second. I turn and see this chocolate brown man who is about 5'9" tall, about 235 solid, with a close hair cut, nicely shaped goatee and some deep dark brown eyes looking at me. Oh my goodness I could have melted right there. We start talking and we find out we have the same first name (Stacey) which makes us both chuckle. As we talk my mind say ask the age and he says 23 how old are you and I say what do you think. Oh I think you are about 28, my first reply is oh I could kiss you but you need to add 10 years on that. For some reason right then and there I know I was in for the long haul with him.

After a week of talking on the phone we hook up and damn it was worth it and then some and yes I would be doing it again and again. My mind says to ask what would your mom say if she know my age his comment was she wouldn't say a word I am a grown man and what I do is my business. But she isn't going to trip, I have told her about you anyway and she wants to meet you. Well how old is she I ask and he says 42 now I know that I really should be talking to him but I can't stop. We have been seeing each other for 8 months now and I have it bad. Sadly he is now away for the next 8 months and I write him everyday and miss him more then yesterday. But I know that when he comes home I will still be the one he wants.
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that's beautiful ... sometimes a combination of a mature man and an immature woman do work out. i should know, i'm the immature woman in my relationship. he's 16 years younger than me -- i could be his mother!