That look she can give
With a glisten in her gaze
And a smirk that rises questions
Making her dimples glisten and raise

The silky matt texture of her skin
Intercostal spaces that can’t hide
Iliac crests so prominent
She’s a wonder to the eye

Washboard ab’s and flat flanks
Can you ask for anything more
With her coy smile and innocence
It is everything I adore

Sweet as sugar
With pit viper eyes
She’ll give you a kiss of death
You’ll be venomized before you realize

Don’t take her for granted
Or let down your guard
Is she angle or devil
Roll the dice if you want to know

She will dish out
Love, life, lust and pain
So what is your pleasure
As Hellraiser would say

Smooth as a prom queens thigh
Very dangerous if you go inside
Entrapped to a shotgun wedding
Or murdered on the highway side
darkreality68 darkreality68
41-45, M
Jun 26, 2014