Addicted to loving him..

I just can't describe the very first time when he kissed me, so fully on my lips, I t was a wonderful sensation, just wanted to forget all my pain and troubles, all my grief and sorrows and just hang on to him, to his strong shoulders, when he takes and hand into his and wraps it firmly, it's so wonderful and when my body presses against him when we hug each other, it's like the beginning of a wonderful dream , It's already been 10 months since we've been dating each other and each time I meet him , it like the first time, I smile like mad when i'am with him, his sense of humour is so great , he make me laugh everytime just to cheer me up, I'm just headlong in love with him. I've found in him a friend, a confidant, a lover everything I would want in a man, He's handsome, he's loyal to me,he actually really loves me, he's an understanding man, gives me advice on my mistakes , tries to pacify me when i'am angry and he's just so scared when I cry and the sweetest moment is when he bends to kiss me or hug me rather squeeze me to him so that we never get separated,We talk for hours and hours on the phone , still can't get enough of each other, I've never thought of someone else other than him,its a wonderful feeling being so much in love! Actually previously I didnt used ti believe in love, but since this guy. this angel has entered my life, I've discovered a new side of myself, I started to believe in love and I formly believe that One day we'll actually be together, 'Cause I actually believe in it, I love yOu so so so so so so so so so soooo muchh my babyy Can't just live without you,
Without you, I'll die and With you I'll survive , You're the best thing that's ever happened to me my sweetie.

wildchild2811 wildchild2811
Jun 16, 2012