That Thing Called "Love"

And after all how do you know that you are truly in love with someone? Why your heart chooses before asking you? Why you can't resist it? To be in wanna be a better person only for him..
When you thought that even with him is just a crush, which will pass, which will not last, because he is far from you and you're gonna forget about him, that he only was a boy you used to like, nothing more.
But then you realize that time passes by and you're still thinking about him, he's still in your mind..why? Why do you miss him? Why your heart doesn't want to forget him? Why do you miss his smile?...Do you miss talking with him..being with him?Why did it have to be so hard?
Is it maybe the one?Your exception? The chosen one?But you're not be a mistake..only a mistake of your heart because you know you're not gonna find someone like know he is unique, special, that you like everything about him, his passion For Christ, his wisdom, everything he has inside him, you think is perfect, then his angelic face and serene.....innocent, like a child without any guilt with only joys in his soul
But what if he isn't him? What if at the end you're only gonna get aches and pain?Only with tears on your cheeks? Cuz your heart is soft and can be easily hurt..You've been protecting it so much time and now to scratch it for the first it right?
So what can be done?Risk everything and go ahead?Risking being hurt,rejected? Or trying with all your heart forgetting him?or just to not be so stressed?To trust God that He will work as He can do the best. He will make everything for Him the pencil for your love story..why to write when you already know that the most romantic Author is writing your story..When you know He makes all things perfect in His time...that He already chosen the right person for you..and He doesn't want to miss it..and Oh, yeah, you're gonna complete each other perfectly, you're gonna be a perfect match made by Him
Why trying to do something?When you know that you're gonna fail in your own choices, but never in His choices..
One thing you're sure about: you don't wanna miss that perfect person for you, chosen by God, made special for share a lifetime, an everlasting love..
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22-25, F
1 Response Sep 12, 2013

Awww, I love this! It's like you were writing my thoughts. Sometimes it makes me happy to see I'm not the only one in my shoes