I'm In Love With More Than One Person

Sometimes it gets pretty crazy.  I was dating three women at the same time and started goofing up on names and places and what they wore (lol-not the last one). I figure out the name dilemma by calling them all Sweetie.  When it comes to where...my problem was not where, but with who.  So I did my best.

I am not like other people that would sleep with all three.  I was single when I met my 1st girlfriend and made it really clear, I might (ya-right) date other women, but you are #1.  Everyone will know exactly whats going on.

So that's 3 women I'm in love with and others later on.  If you believe this story, you need a new life.  If your shocked by this story, your doing alright.

Truth is I Love My 4 Daughters and 5 Grandkids.

WarriorMom WarriorMom
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15 Responses Oct 31, 2008

Oh No Haven't turn my cell on yet. I' call you back soon,<br />

O sweetie, I just tried to call you. You must have been on the phone with your other sweetie!!! LMAO!!! Really though I left you a voice mail.....<br />
1sweetie1<br />

I Love You Sweetie, Sweetie, Sweetie, Sweetie, Sweetie, Sweetie, Sweetie and Sweetie.

mb...I love T~<br />
<br />
<br />
YIAOB: It is time for some new glasses.......

hey, how am I TO CHOOSE?????????<br />
ok,<br />
WM, #1.<br />
FON, #1.<br />
Is it ok to have TWO number ONES???????<br />
LOL!<br />
as far as saying the wrong name, etc, o yes, I agree WM, NOT A GOOD THING TO DO. I think I'd crack my hubby upside the head. He lives in fear of me, LOL!


OH, that's great. Ok. Neveah, she doesn't want to tell you, but no I'm no 1 ! LOL<br />
she's just being polite to you!

LOL....I said the wrong name once, but not in bed. Just while we having fun. NOT a good thing to do.

OMG, years ago my husband said he loved someone else in his sleep. I almost had a stroke!!!! LOL!!!!!<br />
Anyway, that was the beginning of our relationship... He was prob in love with 100000 women back then,<br />

#1SWEETIE1#<br />


ok, sweetie. I'm #1, right???????????/<br />

Shocking story, sweetie! ;) xxx

I was reading this thinking, no way, not WarriorMom. You shocked me. LOL

LOL Your Bad!!!