Momories Of Bobby Buckholt (i Will Love You Forever Baby)

Your always going to be My baby Bobby. I love you.

I remember the day i bough you that 'ugly stick ice fishing pole'. hahha i was looking for something to drink in the gas station and you started jumping around like a lttle kid. i thought it was SO cute! i asked you what you were so excited about and walked over to you by the fishing stuff. there it was you grabbed it and was like " i never seen an Ugly stick one !" I didnt know what to say because i didnt get into ice fishing tell we meet. haha you wouldnt leave that spot and kept talking about it so finily i said " how much is it?" you lookedat me and read off the tage "24 dollers." i just said " alright you ready." and it made me smile so much seeing you get so happy and excited so fast. you called your dad and told him you got a Ugly stick ice fishing pole you we couldnt wait for the ice to freeze so we can fish with are new poles.

I have it now in my room. and has never been used. I hope you dont mind me using your own pole to out fish you babe. :,)

I will love you for ever.

I remember the first day i stayed at your parints house and we hungout in your room all day. we never stopped talking to each other... or i just couldnt run out of things to say to you. We felt so comfertable with each other...i know because you cut your toe nails on the bed and held a whole conversation with me about how much you hate the nail on your little toe. hahha you ripped it off but i thought it was so funny. We wrestled on the coutch watching a movie(as much as we could) tell i pinned you on the floor and kissed you for the first time. kissing you was the best thing i ever did in my life! your lips were soft and worm, i wanted to do it again. you said " i liked that" wit ha big smerk on your face. i dont remember what we did after that but i know ill never forget how much i love kissing you. and when i see you again that the first thing im going to do. :')

I love you baby

I remember how it felt to be sitting right next to you in your moms truck and in your S10 i always sat in the middle even if we were the only ones in the truck. your dad yelled at us one time because we always drove around like that. he said " we look like were both driving so i but my hand next to yours on the wheel and you let go so we both could drive hahah he got so mad . but we thought it was funny. Every time we broke up we got back to gether in ga vehicle. we would sit for hous and just talk. you told me how much you missed me and one everytime i didnt know to take you back or not. but then before i desided i would kiss you and right then i knew i wanted to be with you forever no matter how many times we fought. :,( i miss fighting with you because you always had the best things to say to make everything better. the fight never was over tell we were both smilling agan. One time in your mons truck we were sitting there for so long talking you ended up laying on the chair and i was sitting on the floor . you looked at me and was like " how did you get down there" hahah i still dont remember. you made me lay under you so you couddle with me and kiss me more before i went back home. i miss you so much.

I remember playing 100s of games of beer pong with you. and i dont remember us lossing very meany when we played together....except againsd Jesse and Dacota hahah. we made an amazing team when we were drunk together hahah and every time the cops showed up you dragged me with you even when you were mad at me. you dragged me throw thorn trees you hid me under a stair case in the base ment while you held a window to hit the cop with so i wouldnt get in trouble... turned out that was jaramy so good thing you didnt have to hit a cop to make a run for it. hahah you told me that story the next day and i couldnt stop laughing. you were my crazy boy hahah. i miss you so much. tairing up the feild on the way to mysisters house and doing burn outs ! everyone in skool called you burm out bob haha they would pay you to do a burn out in the school parking lot. how i didnt know you tell that one class we had to gether i dont know. but i wouldnt give up anything to forget you. forgetting you would be like lossing a very emportent part of myself. your always going to be a part of me bobby. i love you.

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Sorry for your loss, treasure the memories.....