Lost My Little Sister At Only 18

My little sister died 3/31/12 at the young age of only 18
she had a horrible death.
she died because she fell from 9 stores up.
she shouldn't be dead, she would still be alive if she had used her head! 
but she was young and invincibly in her head.
so she tried to clime from the 9th floor window to the 8 floor balcony using a bed sheet. 
but she slipped and fell. 
If only i had been there, then she would still be alive!
i miss her so much.
i would give the world to get her back.

Love you Kate
miss you always and forever baby <3
jillianlarson2011 jillianlarson2011
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nearing 2 years but it feels like it was just a few months ago

Rip kate

its been a year an a few days since Kate passed an well my family an i r doing well considering. things r better for us. we are a family again. i felt like we were falling apart after she pasted but we r glued back together now an we r doing alright <3
thank you all so much for your support <3 you were there when i needed u <3

it will be a year soon. still have totale come terms with it. dont think i ever will.
i miss my sister
this world is a tarrible cage holding us appart

Oh, Jillian... I am so sorry.

&lt;3 thank you

My prayer is with her...

Was she on spring break? I live in Fl. and and every year there are so many accidents. MY daughters friend broke his back before she got there. Thank goodness he is going to be okay. Where were her friends when this happened they should have stopped her. I am so so sorry for the loss of your lil sis.I have 2 kids but they are older. One is22 in the Navy and my daughter is almost 21 and is college to be a teacher, I AM SO SO SAD this could be anyones child. My heart goes ou t to you and your family! ALLL my love and prayers xoxoxo sooo sad

&lt;3 thank you
no she was at a guys house for the weekend. He lived out of town.
her fends weren't with her.
thank you for your prays &lt;3