The Pine Tree

We were kids, just a year ago. I never really wanted to hurt him, nor he did. Under that pine tree, we promised for eternity. Never guessed this would corrupt. I took my revenge before, now it was his time. I blamed him for that, now I cannot.
Every wicked thing we did t each other, was timed so bad, that coincided when the other loved the most, at the point of surrender. It is such a sin to kill a being that is surrendered, very fragile, hopelessly believing in. We never got over. There was always something to be compared. It was the point where we lost focus.
I never could get over that moment. Happiest moment in my life, yet the saddest memory. You will always live under my skin. I love you.
TaleofConstantinople TaleofConstantinople
18-21, F
May 11, 2012