I Will Never Forget You, Grandma.

I lost my grandmother on may 6th, 2012.
She had one of the worst pasts and yet was as strong as a rock.
She went to school for only ONCE. just once.
She always told me:
"Not being able to read, is like being blind, Talya. Keep reading, keep studying."
she always called me and my sister "princess".
sure, maybe she wasn'tthe greatest cook, but she was still good.
She had many siblings, who stole her property and took adventage of her since she couldnt read or write.
She got cancer 2 times and got H1N1.
She fought them off.
Then she caught a hospital virus, and left this earth.

I will never forget you grandma.

Seni hic unutmayacagim, Azime Urhan.
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2 Responses Aug 29, 2012

keep ur head up stand tell and be her princes im sorry if i say something wrong and im sorry for your lost

Your grandma sounds very special :) cherish those memories!!!