My Hero.

* "Pop" is my great grandfather, keep that in mind while reading this story. *

Dear pop,
You were one of the greatest influences in my life. As a kid I remember spending more time with you then I did my own father, in fact I still think of you as my father. I have so many memories of you, it's overwhelming. You had such a kind heart and honestly I'm really glad you raised my mom. I know it wasn't exactly your plan to raise a child at sixty years old but the fact you did really shows you had a heart. I don't regret your death, I know you had plenty of time on this earth and that you were willing to go. I do regret something's not being able to see you before you died, not being able to tell you I loved you one last time, not telling you I love you enough in general, and finally not really caring too much about your stories. If I could talk to you for one more day I'd spend the whole day listening to you and asking you questions about your life.
Sometimes I sit here and think about if you'd be proud of me, I'm not really sure what the answer is..I feel like in some ways you would be and in others you wouldn't.
I'm sorry that I don't believe in the Bible, I know that's something you felt pretty strongly about. I still have the Bible that you signed and gave me so maybe one day I'll actually open it.
I go down to your house favorite thing is to listen to that answering machine. It killed me that you never turned the answering machine off when you answered the phone but I love that you didn't now. I love hearing your voice, it's so soothing.
I'm jumping all around from topic to topic but you know Im like that.
Bush told me this story about you and it made me's the story:
"I went to go visit him one day and of course I brought my motorcycle. Anyway, I went into the house and hear this crash outside..I look out the window and see he knocked my bike down. He quickly lifts it up like nothing ever happened. It amazes me how strong he was"
Hmmmmmmm, you remember that key you gave me? It was an awesome skeleton key..whenever I see them I automatically connect them with you. I wish I could carry that thing around with me everyday..just so you'd be with me.
I miss you soooooo much.
I love you.
Dylanakacody Dylanakacody
18-21, M
Nov 27, 2012