My Love In Heaven

I think of you and I drift rite in,
A deep wishful fantasy to control the wind,
To trace your face with a warm summer breeze,
I could send my touch across land overseas,
I swear I can see you just look from afar,
Just look at the sky you'll see im the star,
Ever so brighter than the ones all around,
Burning much brighter from the love I had found,
No never before I have felt this way,
To now feeling everyday day day upon day,
Its strange but it's true I remember your smell,
And at the end of our calls the three words I would tell,
Im smiling right now for so many reasons,
From the good and the bad and through all of the seasons,
I wish there were more adequate words I could add,
And if I were like God only just for a tad,
I would turn oceans to sky's so you could run through the clouds,
Turn mountains to diamonds just to see you proud,
Now who would of thought that from a movie like date,
I'd be writing my love just for my soul mate. I miss you baby
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3 Responses Jan 10, 2013

I wish i could write like this, mine are so simple. this is so good *.*

To be honest.....that caused my eyes to water. Such a beautiful ex<x>pression of words.

Beautiful. *hugs* x

Not sure how to take your first line about smiles fellow Aussie. Could it mean that they still need to be forced? Hang in there xx . ps. tried to add you but you have some sort of block

Aww, well thank you for your smiles. Yes rare to see us around. I am in Melbourne. So I think it has something to do with you privacy settings. If you care to, send me a request x