You Will Be Remembered

Dear Paula,
you will never be forgotten.
you are in the hearts of all the ep members, I assure you
you are in a better place now
lots of love from everybody to you
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

people are valuable. and so it is everyone' s responsibility to guard and treasure the people in their . daily life. being there for each other can and does make a difference. the loss of Paula made that information especially relevant. Paula felt she had no other option, and so to keep the element of hope in a person' s life is important. friends have that ability. we can offer hope. the loss of Paula taught me that.

Paulas, you will never know this, but your death has inspired so many people hjere. May your legacy be that another woman (or man) does nmot have to die because of domestic violence.

she will not die in vain