A Mind Of Its Own

I have no Right to love you
No Right at all
But I do
I have tried not to Love you
Many times
But it's futile
This Love has a mind of it's own

Is it Maya
Covering my heart to reality?
Or is it Brahman
Loving you, through me?
Loving Himself
Because he sees himself
In You

I have no answers
This love is a mystery 
To me
I cannot explain it
It just is
It appears to exist apart from me
It has a mind of it's own
Carissimi Carissimi
56-60, F
1 Response Sep 25, 2012

Some people are incompetent to love you in return... after you have loved them with all your heart.

Thanks woody. The thing about "true" love is that it exists without having anything in return. Oh, yes I would love to be loved in return, and as much as I try to eliminate this love from my heart, it will not budge, so what I have learned...being a love guru...;) is not to resist, but to embrace it full out, and only in acknowledging the love and embracing it do we find some relief. After all, this longing for love, is really a longing for God as in God is love. And it manifests in this world between lovers, and the union of lovers, so what I need is for God and his love to show up in the form of a man. Not one who is thousands of miles away from me, but one close to home who can hug me and love me in this world of form.

I wish you luck with that man, God knows you deserve him.

Thanks sweetie. The same wish for you too because we all deserve that kind of love. :) xoxo

True :)

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