The Real Me

I have always known of my feminine personality. Since i was young i always played with the girls and all my friends were girls. While most of my life i have hid this at least i thought so, but now that i am older and by myself for the most part, my daughter is staying with me temporarily since my wife died last year but she will move after this next year most likely. I dont fearr to much about being found out like i used to and feel i really want to embrace this very real part of myself. I have met so many good people on ep who have supported me and encouraged me to be true to myself. Its scary though as i belong to and am in leadership at my church. I dont feel i am harming anyone its just me and who i really feel i am. Mayne i should seek counciling but from what i see i am not alone and it is being accepted more and more by society
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2 Responses May 22, 2012

I too worry about church, love Jesus and my church but I feel that at some pointI will be outed or just giveup trying to hide. I have herd that the Unitarian church will let us in,so that maybe a option.

Things change as we get older. Embraceing my feminine side has help me feel better about myself and I find I enjoy life much more now that I am comfortable with who I am. I bet you will feel the same way also. As I got older my fear disapeared as only regert is that I waited so long. You are not alone, enjoy your feminine side like so many of us is too short not to. Forget the counciling and save your money. You know more about your feelings than they do.


Wow it looks like we are all in the same age group, that is good we all can support each other! That is awesome!

good advice. it's so true.