Still Thinking About Things.

As I sit here on the sofa wearing my Lucky Jeans and a black sleeveless top, I can't stop thinking about how fast things are moving in my life and how far I have to go. It was just a few weeks ago that I came up with the idea of feminizing myself for Halloween. I ordered a set of breastform off the internet and the rest is history now.
I am now a member of TriEss and will meet my new sisters tomorrow night. I've bought some new shoes, a purse and a red skirt suit for the occasion. I'm feeling girly now and I really like it. I can't explain it, but it feels right. I have absolutely where I am going with this. Perhaps the experience of Halloween will be enough to satisfy me. Perhaps I will want to explore other aspects of my newfound femininity.
One the things I really want is to go to a Halloween costume ball. It would be exhilarating shopping for the gown. I want to meet people, socialize,make some friends and, yes, dance with men. I really know how I would react if a man found me interesting. Flattered, I'm sure, but I'd be scared too. I don't consider myself gay, but would let one kiss me? Probably to see how it feels. Would I give him my phone number, yes I would. If he asked me out would I accept? God, I really don't know. Would I be attracted to him? I guess I already am and he is just a fantasy right now.
TriEss is an organization for heterosexual crossdressers and right now that is what I am. If I got involved with a man I would have to join their sister group, Friends of TriEss. I don't even know why I am thinking of such things. I really am "such a girl."
PinksWoman PinksWoman
61-65, T
Sep 14, 2012