That Was Fun

It is almost 11:30 and I have just returned from my first TriEss meeting. Therel were seven girls present, most of them my age or older and a couple of them were very presentable. By far the most flamboyant was LeAnn who came in a shapely brown knee length dress and full makeup. She also wore 5 inch heels match and walked in them like a natural woman. Damn
she has nice legs.
I wore my red skirt suit with a white blouse and red flats which I am sooo happy to take off. They are the right size, but far too narrow for my feet. Hopefully they will stretch some with more wear. One of the older girls wore a dress as well and she didn't look half bad. Two girls wore skirt outfits two were in jeans and Karen, our wore capri pants. I wore jeans and a shirt on the drive out and changed in the upstairs bathroom. When I rejoined the group I got some nice comments on my transformation.
We chatted about many things over the next six hours. I got a recommendation for a salon owned by a transgender gal not too far away. I am going to call and make a reservation for a styling and makeover next week for sometime early in Halloween week. We all brought some to share with the group for snacks. I brought some bagettes. We talked of everthing from politics to style. One of the oldest was transgendered and another girl had breast implants. She said her wife loved playing with them. About 8pm Leanne went out to her and came back she was a garmant bag and some shopping bags and went upstairs to change. I thought she would come down in guy mode, but after a while I began to wonder. A little while later she came back down wearing a brown slip and black lingerie. She used a knife to cut apart a new pair of black heel and remove the tags. Then she went back upstairs. When she returned she was wear a much shorter black dress with a skirt that flare out when she spun around. I asked if she had a date and she said, "No, I'm going dancing!" I told Karen I hoped to be able to do that and she replied, "I hope not. Sometimes she dresses like a real clut. Still, I do hope that someday I look good enough and feel free enough to go with her.
PinksWoman PinksWoman
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Sep 16, 2012