How Quickly I Am Adapting

I just got back from a trip to Walgreens, I wore my new Lucky Jeans and my purple shirt. Under that I wore my waist cincher and gaff. I don't know if it was the cincher but I had a hard time keeping my pants up. I guess I'll have to shop for size 9's and maybe get a pair of 8's just in case. I could just get a girls belt I suppose, but I'm looking forward squeezing into a pair of really tight jeans. God I am such a girl already and lovinging it. Right now I am watching TV and even though it is Sunday and football games are on I have no interest at all. I used to live for fantasy football. I was the commissioner for five leagues one year partipated for 15 years or more. Now I'm looking at OWN tv and searching for romance movies and suchh. I want to see something that makes a girl cry and see how emotional I get. Action movies don't appeal unless there is a real hunk involved. Westerns? Forget it. I am just so in to my feminine side, and I can't believe how quickly and willingly I accept it. I try to sit upright as much as possible with my knees together and my ankles crossed. I keep fussing with my hair and wish I could make it look nicer. I'm trying to mold my body to give me a few curves and flatten my tummy, a girl has to watch her figure after all. I can't wait for my makeover. I plan to go shopping as a female and visit some high end places l Macy's and Bloomindales. Ofs course I can't afford to buy anything there but I will enjoy checking out the new styles and just browsing the racks.
Yes, I guess I am becoming a woman and I am revelling in it. Can't wait to see how far I've come in another month.
PinksWoman PinksWoman
61-65, T
Sep 16, 2012